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An Exclusive Offer to Small Business Owners Outside of South Orange County, CA

Are you a small business owner outside the borders of South Orange County, CA trying to grow a business alone (with or without employees)?


Do you sometimes get worried about how your business is going to make it if 50% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years?


Are you overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn and do, can't find or don't know what help you need, and getting tired of doing it alone?


Do you wish you had an option for getting help with your business from other business owners who understand what it's like trying to grow a business?

Do you wish you had the option even though you're an introvert by nature, possibly socially anxious, and getting on a zoom to talk business is way out of your comfort zone?

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You've found the right place.

SCBiz has been helping mostly introverted small business owners navigate the overwhelming growth phase of business for almost two years now but we've limited our scope to South OC.


Along the way other small business owners have asked us for help too so we're finally opening up our virtual (zoom) business advice & brainstorming session options to owners outside of South OC!

Our sessions have been popular because they are not only uniquely business focused, providing practical actionable help, but are also introvert and anxiety friendly, which is rare in the online space.


 If you're ready to try something new to get the support you need so you don't fall victim to the fate of 50% of small business owners, our virtual membership is finally open.

What You'll Have Access To As An SCBiz Virtual Member
Brainstorming & Business Advice by Zoom
  • SCBiz is focused on making sure everyone who joins a zoom feels welcomed, connected and comfortable because we know what it's like to be outside of our comfort zones

  • The purpose of each zoom is to discuss business issues, they are not
    "social networking" zooms

  • You can ask for help or feedback on any business topic

  • You can share advice too but it's not necessary as each call will have a leader who can help with most topics

  • You can keep your camera off if you'd like and can join just to listen

  • You don't need to reserve a spot in advance

  • Our current zoom schedule is Tuesday 9:15am- 9:45am PT and Wed 12-12:30pm PT

  • We will be additional daily zooms, including an evening option, as sign ups grow, as well as segmenting zooms for owners with  similar businesses. You can request a time when signing up.

ExclusiveMember Events & Discounts
  • Early-bird access to future webinars 

  • Access to SCBiz affiliate resources like Quickbooks, Shopify and Legal Launch Lab

  • Discounts on SoCal SCBiz member offerings like social media management, manychat automation, bookkeeping/accounting, tax prep, website development, business coaching & a variety of other products and services.

Read what some of our members have to say about SCBiz. 

Cecily Kelly

Twin Star Yoga

SCBiz is the most fantastic group that I have ever joined.

Lauren Yek

LY Media Marketing

LB has created the best community I have honestly been part of. There is so much support and growth that happens. Plus going to the in person meet ups, the zooms, and everything she [LB] has to offer is RAD!

Jules Jones

Mobile Notary

LB has been a power pack. It's so motivating that she is getting all these 'strangers' to really rally and support each other in such a short amount of time. Mind-blowing and inspirational.

Stephanie Phillips

Laguna Lily / SNP Naturals

This has been by far the most helpful group that I have ever been a part of. I have learned so much, made so many positive connections and grown so much professionally. Thank you LB for being our fearless leader :)

Jess Iturzaeta

Simply Jess Skincare

“I was so happy I was able to be a part of this mastermind with LB. What I was really craving as an entrepreneur was to bounce ideas off other like-minded women. The best part of it for me is the support and brainstorming. It has been amazing, Thank you LB."

Dr. Katie D'Amato

Balanced by Katie

"LB goes above and beyond taking care of entrepreneurs in Southern California. She saw someone on Facebook asking for my exact services and shared the post with me. That person became my new client. She always has her eye out on how to help her people. Genuine care and support."

Morgyn Danae

Morgyn Danae Wellness

I highly recommend the San Clemente Business Mastermind Group [SCB] led by LB. It’s very welcoming, very dynamic, a great group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs  who are here to collaborate, and really support each other, to grow in community and in their businesses.

Kristen Robertson

Mortgage Loan Officer

I absolutely cannot say enough great things about SC Biz and LB!! LB's professionalism and warmth were immediately apparent, she took the time to truly understand my needs and concerns, offering personalized coaching solutions exceeding my expectations! I wholeheartedly recommend SC Biz to any business owner looking to achieve more.

Dr. Kait Ireland

Empowered Athletics PT

LB & SC Biz have been instrumental in the growth of my business and maintenance of my sanity in the process. I am a new mom, physical therapist, and owner of a solo sports physical therapy practice. Being part of the SC Biz community has been inspiring, engaging, and community support when the entrepreneurial journey can often feel lonely and isolating. I especially love that LB caters to us more introverted business owners. Come to one of the monthly meet ups and you will see how amazing LB and the SC Biz group are!
Ready to Join? 
Just Click the "I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!" Button

We do have a few industry caps at this time. Currently, the categories of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and MLM businesses as well as Tax Prep/Financial & Investment Advisors are currently closed categories. 

The SCBiz Virtual Membership is only available to business owners who do not reside in South Orange County, CA which includes the following cities: Aliso Viejo, Capo Beach, Dana Point, El Toro, Foothill Ranch, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano & Trabuco Canyon.

  • SCBiz Virtual Monthly Membership

    Every month
    You Can Attend 4 Zoom Sessions Per Month
    • No Refunds for Payments Made But Can Cancel Anytime
    • Virtual Member Benefits are Limited to Zoom Sessions Only
    • Anyone Can Upgrade to SCBiz VIP Membership At Any Time
  • SCBiz Virtual Elite Monthly Membership

    Every month
    You Can Attend Unlimited Zooms Per Month
    • No Refunds on Payments Made But Can Cancel At Anytime
    • Virtual Member Benefits are Limited to Zoom Sessions Only
    • Anyone Can Upgrade to SCBiz VIP Membership At Any Time

Want to Chat Before Joining?

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