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Our Story


I founded SCBiz in October 2022 because I was ready to start and grow another business but didn't want to do it alone. I wanted to connect with people around me in Southern California and spend time talking and brainstorming about business. I wasn't interested in online groups or traditional networking style meetups and I couldn't find any live masterminds near me. Like many origin stories, since I couldn't find exactly what I needed, I created it. Turns out a lot of other people needed it too. ~LB Brittingham, Founder


SCBiz grew quickly from an idea to a solid membership base of 60 and growing!


SCBiz helps local SoCal small business owners grow their businesses.


A common trait among entrepreneurs, especially women, is the belief that they should be able to figure everything out on their own. They’re not very good at asking for help. But trying to grow a small business alone is, in most cases, just a recipe for overwhelm, overload, loneliness and, ultimately, failure.


SCBiz exists to bring together the entrepreneurs who are finally ready to replace the often overwhelming, overloaded lonely struggle of growing a small business with an amazing real life community and accelerated success. We help each member grow their business through the power of a supportive local community of both peers and experts as well as exclusive education and training resources. Check out our Membership Page to learn more and get started.


I'm LB Brittingham and these are the highlights of my business life. I started as an attorney 25 years ago in one of the top 10 law firms in the US. I served as in-house counsel for a nationwide franchise and practiced with one of the top 5 franchise law firms in the country. I stopped practicing law to have more time to spend with my daughter and took a position as an auditor in one of the top 10 mortgage servicing companies in the US. Poor choice since that was 2008. Post-crash, I started my own ecommerce businesses which I subsequently sold and have spent the time since then helping small businesses grow (and doing some other fun things which you'll learn about as you get to know me). My daughter (now 19) and I settled in San Clemente, CA in October 2021. My life has taken many turns over the last 25 years and I'm excited to build the next phase of it with this community. 

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