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What has fear kept you from doing this year?

Visiting a store to ask them to carry your product?

Connecting with a colleague to ask for referrals?

Pricing your product properly?

Growing your social media presence?

Going to a networking event?

Sending emails?

Joining a group?

All or some of the above and more?

If fear has held you back from reaching your goals,

it's time to Face Your Fears.

Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear ~Jack Canfield

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

It's Already _________? I've barely met any goals.

Are you wondering how time has gone so fast and you still haven't done most of what you set out to do?

I Can't Charge That Price. No One Will Pay It.

That's a classic case of fear talking. One of the great parts of capitalism itself is that there's a buyer at every price point. You just need support to help you realize your worth.

I Just Want Someone to Do It All For Me.

That can be arranged. But that's not an option for everyone. What you can do is get the support you need to work past the fear that makes you feel that way. 

I'm Not Afraid. I Just Don't Have Enough Time.

Sometimes that's true. Most times it's fear causing you to procrastinate, avoid, or waste time doing non-critical tasks that don't actually grow your business. Join us to figure out the difference.

I Don't Know What to Say to Grow My Business

Also fear driven. It basically boils down to being afraid you're not good enough and that no one wants to talk to you. But they do. Join us and we'll prove it to you.

I Try to Do It But 

I Just Can't.

Do you visit a store but leave without asking for the owner? Do you post a video and then delete it right away? We've all been there. But it's time to get through the fear. 

Are You Saying "That Does Sound Like Me"?
Here's How I Can Help. 

I (LB, founder of SCBiz) talk to so many amazing, incredible business owners whose fear is holding them back from growing their businesses to their full potential.

I didn't want anyone to be in the same place 2/3/6 months or a year from now, regretting the actions they didn't take because they couldn't get themselves through the fear.

So I created the Other Side of Fear 90 Day Small Group Business Growth Program as an additional SCBiz offering to help business owners get through the fear and reach their business goals by providing the following: 

Dec Meetup Pic.JPG

A Safe Space

In this program, you'll be a part of a small close-knit group of like-minded business owners who are all on a similar journey of growth and expansion. In this environment, you'll find a safe space to share your fears, doubts, and challenges openly. 

Website Pic w SuzeQ.JPG

Strategic Business Guidance

This program is designed to help you get past the fear and take action that helps grow your business. Since not all action is created equal, we will spend time in the program on business strategy to ensure that every step you take is not just a random act, but a strategic and intentional step towards your ultimate success.

1A Cecily Steph Zeine Pic.JPG

Authentic Support & Accountability

The beauty of group support is that it fosters a sense of accountability and camaraderie that can be a powerful driving force for growth. You'll be surrounded by motivated individuals who are invested in seeing you succeed so you'll naturally feel more inspired and motivated to push through obstacles that once seemed insurmountable.

Website Pic JJ and Zeine_edited_edited_e

Practical Help

When it comes down to it, sometimes you just need someone to go with you to the store, help you write the email, record some videos with you or go to the networking event etc. In this program, you'll connect with people who will join you (including LB) because they need the same. That's the power of working with people who understand exactly what you're going through.

Beach Town

What Our Members Say

Beach Town
1AZ_Zeine Pic.jpg

Zeine Charabati,

"I am incredibly grateful to be part of SCbiz, led by LB. This has been an invaluable space for me, when it comes to networking, exchanging ideas, and fostering professional growth. I love our small group meetings where members become more than a professional connection. Thank you LB for leading this group."

How Does the Program Work?

The Other Side of Fear Program is a 90 Day Small Group Business Growth Program.

Each group has 4 members and are led by LB, the founder of SCBiz.

Each group's program is customized to best meet the group's needs.

We Meet 1  Hour

Weekly via Zoom

Meetings are customized to the group members' schedules as much as possible. On a monthly basis, 3 of the weekly meetings are held via Zoom and 1 is in person (for those local to SoCal) (for non-locals, all meetings are held via Zoom) 

We Meet 1 Hour 

per Month in Person

On a monthly basis for SoCal locals, 1 of the meetups is held in person. The first meeting of the group is held in person and then monthly after that. 

If SoCal members would prefer to meet in person more and less on Zoom, that can be arranged.

30 Min

1:1 Coaching Session

Each member gets a 30 min coaching session with LB as part of the program to help set goals and strategies for the 90 Day Program. 

About Me, LB
Founder of SCBiz and Program Facilitator

I'm LB Brittingham, Connector/Community Builder, Business Growth Strategist and Attorney (Retired). I started as an attorney 25 years ago in one of the top 10 law firms in the US. I served as in-house counsel for a nationwide franchise, practiced with one of the top 5 franchise law firms in the country and served as an internal process auditor for one of the top 10 mortgage servicers in the country. I left the big corporate life when my daughter was little, started and sold two businesses, and consulted with other small businesses, helping them grow to 6&7 figures. My daughter (now 20) and I settled in San Clemente, CA in October 2021. My life has taken many turns over the last 25 years and I'm excited to be building the next phase of it with this community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Beach Town


What if I'm Not Afraid, I'm Just Overwhelmed By It All

Overwhelm can usually be traced back to fear but if you really don't believe fear is your issue, you can sign up today for our Power Squad Program, our Success Through Strategy Program and our Community Memberships


What if I Can't Fit One Hour per Week In?

One hour per week is the minimum people need to get past the fear and take action. (1 hour per day would be better). If you're not ready yet for a one hour per week, you can join our Power Squad Program. Power Squads meet for one hour every 2 weeks.


What if I Want Help But Don't Like Group Settings?

I encourage you to give the group option a try but if you really don't want that, sign up for our Success  Through Strategy 1:1 Coaching Plan today.  


What if I Can't Afford It? 

If you made it this far, that means everything on this page is resonating. You really can't afford not to join.


Time goes by fast and soon 2023 will be over and you'll be in exactly the same place. If you're happy with that place, great. But if you're not, take the leap.

Everything you've ever wanted is truly sitting on the other side of fear.  

Plus it costs less than a smoothie per day. You can't pay that to start realizing your dreams?

Still Not Sure? 

Where were you 90 days ago? Same spot as now? 

Imagine yourself 90 days from now. What would it fee
l like to meet those goals? 

Now imagine what it would feel like if you didn't meet your goals. If you stayed in fear?

All I want is for you to reach your goals and not have regrets. If you think you can do it on your own, fantastic. If you haven't done it on your own yet, let me help! 

Are You Ready to See What's On the Other Side of Fear?

Face Your Fears



For 90 Days (12 Weeks)

Valid for 2 months

Come See What's On the Other Side of Fear

Min Value Based on LB's Guidance Alone: $2600

Value of Facing Your Fears & Meeting Your Goals? Priceless

Spots Are Limited / Only 2 Groups Will Be Added This Month

Also You Can Face Your Fears While Reducing Your Taxes

Program is a Tax Deductible Business Expense

Beach Town

What Our Members Say

Beach Town
1AZ_Jenn Aquino Pic.JPG

Jennifer Aquino,

"SCBiz has been such an amazing group to be apart of it. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet with other local small business owners and share tips. We learn together how to grow and do things more efficiently. I love that is very casual and come as you where you are at in your business and all are welcome."

Still Have Questions?
or DM me (LB) on Instagram @scbiz 

Not Ready to Join YET?

Stay updated with what's happening with SCBiz until you are ready. 

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