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Choose Your Path

  • 4 Month 1:1 Program

    Success Through Strategy 1:1 Coaching Program
    Valid for 4 months
    • 4 Month Program
    • Starts with Review of Business History and Current Status
    • We'll Look at Your Purpose and Short & Long Term Visions
    • We'll Identify Your Target Market and Ideal Customer
    • We'll Discuss and Set Specific, Measurable Target Goals
    • We'll Develop Strategies & Tasks for Reaching Those Goals
    • We'll Put Processes In Place To Ensure Success
    • We'll Monitor and Revise as Needed
    • The Initial Meeting is 2 Hours
    • Then We'll Meet 1x Per Week
    • Program Does Not Include Legal Advice
    • SCBiz VIP Membership Included (4 Months)
    • Tax Deductible Business Expense
    • Non-Refundable

    Get Ready for Success
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 12 Week Program. 4-5 Members Per Squad.
    • Designed for Group Accountability, Motivation and Support
    • Finally Reach the Goals You Can Never Seem to Meet
    • Create a Lasting Support System in the Process
    • Program Starts with Initial Goal Setting Session
    • Then Squad Meets Bi-Weekly for 1 Hour
    • Tailored to Group Members' Schedules to the Extent Possible
    • Goal Setting Session and Bi-Weekly Meetups Led by LB
    • Cancel at Any Time. No Refunds for Payments Made
    • Can Be Combined With The Success Through Strategy Program

    Every month
    Limited to 25 Members
    • All the Benefits of VIP Membership
    • PLUS 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Monthly with LB (SCBiz Founder)
    • Limited to 25 Members
    • Can Be Cancelled At Any Time
    • No Refunds for Payments Made
    • Does Not Include Legal Advice
    • Tax Deductible Business Expense
  • Face Your Fears

    For 90 Days (12 Weeks)
    Valid for 2 months
    • Come See What's On the Other Side of Fear
    • Min Value Based on LB's Guidance Alone: $2600
    • Value of Facing Your Fears & Meeting Your Goals? Priceless
    • Spots Are Limited / Only 2 Groups Will Be Added This Month
    • Also You Can Face Your Fears While Reducing Your Taxes
    • Program is a Tax Deductible Business Expense
  • Work Less, Grow More.

    Have a Business and a Life. Take the 30 Day Challenge.
    Valid for 30 days
    • The 30 Day Challenge Includes
    • Strategic Time Management:
    • We'll Optimize Your Precious Time Daily
    • By Determining the Right Strategy for Your Business
    • Tailored Action Plan:
    • We'll Develop a Personalized Daily Action Plan
    • Tailored to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Time
    • Accountability & Support:
    • We'll Track Your Progress via App
    • We'll Zoom (Optional) in a 15 min Group Check In Weekly
    • Don't Suffer Through the Grind Any Longer
    • 5 Spots Are Left to Start This Week
    • Your Guide for November: LB, SCBiz Founder
    • Read More About LB in the SCBiz Story
  • VIP Membership Annual Option

    Works Out to Just $48.25 Per Month When Paid In Full
    Valid for 12 months
    • VIP Membership Annual Discount
    • If paid in full & in advance
    • Includes all VIP Membership Benefits
    • Non-Refundable but Can Pause at Any Time
    • Tax Deductible Business Expense
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