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Work Less, Grow More.
Have a Business & a Life.
Take the 30 Day Challenge

Are you a small business owner overwhelmed by the daily grind?

Young Businesswoman
Business Colleagues

Do you dream of growing your business without sacrificing precious time or energy?


It's time to

make your dream

a reality.

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At SCBiz, we've discovered a game changing secret that can transform your business and your life.

You CAN grow your business without working 24/7 .

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Working Together

As long as you are strategic, focused, and intentional with your time.

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Imagine a future where you have more time for yourself, your family, and your passions, all while your business continues to grow.

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It's not a pipe dream;

it's an

achievable reality.

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Don't let your business control your life; make your business work for you, especially during the holiday season!

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1A Cecily Steph Zeine Pic_edited.jpg
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The secret to it is a classic:

it's all about working smarter, not harder.

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Work Less, Grow More may sound like a fantasy but join this 30 Day Challenge and you'll discover what's true. 

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Professional Young Woman

Join Today. 

Spots are Limited.

Work Less, Grow More.



Have a Business and a Life. Take the 30 Day Challenge.

Valid for 30 days

The 30 Day Challenge Includes

Strategic Time Management:

We'll Optimize Your Precious Time Daily

By Determining the Right Strategy for Your Business

Tailored Action Plan:

We'll Develop a Personalized Daily Action Plan

Tailored to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Time

Accountability & Support:

We'll Track Your Progress via App

We'll Zoom (Optional) in a 15 min Group Check In Weekly

Don't Suffer Through the Grind Any Longer

5 Spots Are Left to Start This Week

Your Guide for November: LB, SCBiz Founder

Read More About LB in the SCBiz Story


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